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4 Hours

Up to 8 People

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Electric Bike Tours in Lembongan

Half Day Fat-Tire E -Bike Tour

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Private Electric Bike Tour in Lembongan

Breathtaking Private E-bike Tour

Why Tour With Us?

Cycling is a great way to explore the island of Nusa Lembongan, is a small island 25min by boat from Sanur harbor. Lembongan Island is rich in beautiful scenery especially the stunning white sand beaches and his magnified shore.

This will be 4-hour cycling tour where you will enjoy a memorable experience using the electric bicycles chosen in special for this location.

A combination of cycling, sightseeing and cultural tour, a perfect adventure carefully designed to allow you to see a different perspective of Lembongan Island, away from the hustle and bustle of the common tourist trails.

Dive into unknown paths and traverse paths with stunning views of the ocean, Balinese local neighborhoods & magical mangroves.

Whether you're traveling alone, with friends, family or a group of friends, everyone is welcome.

All you need to do is choose our morning and evening slots and explore Lembongan island like you've never seen before.

Safety First

Committed to your safety all throughout the journey.

Lembongan's Best Guides

Our guides know everything there is to know about Lembongan.

Experience of a Lifetime

Like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

What's Included?

Pick-up and Drop-off

Our drivers will pick you up and drop you off at your Ubud hotel accommodation.

Expert Guides

Our English-speaking guides will be there with you every trail of the way.


Highlights for this program of events include:

Devil Tears

We will visit Devil Tears, a cliff that shows an interesting phenomenon where sea water hits the cliffs and the secret tunnels expelling water and creating rainbows with the reflection of the sun.

Dream beach

We will visit Dream beach, is the most West beach in Lembongan Island , White sand and big waves, good area for surfers.

Gala Gala underground house

We will visit the unexplored underground house that local people call The Gala Gala House which has unique value and is also rich in history that existed in that place from ancient times.

The yellow bridge

We will cross the emblematic Yellow bridge, is the bridge that connect Lembongan island and the sister island Nusa Ceningan.

Seaweed plantation

We will have the opportunity to see, the seaweed plantation and understand what the local people do with them and for what they use.

Black Temple

This temple is unique because During full moon and religious event, many people from the nearby village comes for praying.This temple is unique because it is situated in the centre of the mangrove forest.

Tradicional Balines cemetery

We will visit unusual cemetery where the local people cover the the tombs with umbrellas.


We will stop in the highest point of the hill of Lembongan, where we can see the views of the island, their wait beaches mangroves and whit a clear day the majesties Mount Agung in the Bali Island

Sacred Tree

Then we will go to the Sacred tree temple to find out about how the local people really respect nature.

Mahagiri white sand beach

Before arrive at the end of this tour we will visit Mahagiri white sand beaches from there with a clear day we will see the biggest volcano in Bali revered by the entire Balinese population.

Mangrove Tour

Lastly We will go to the mangrove forest in the East of Lembongan island where we will take you on a traditional boat driven by local people with out engines to see this misterios area until arribe to the sea.

What To Expect?

Bali has a tropical climate and is quite unpredictable and might rain on the day of your tour.

Do not fret since we provide rain gear for our guests.

Given that, there are days as well wherein the temperature might be too hot for our foreigner friends.

We provide refreshments along the tour to keep you hydrated.

Rain or shine, make sure to wear sunscreen.